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Editor's Note

When my sister was in the seventh grade, she did a project on Marie Curie. So naturally, I decided that I must do one as well. Her poster board was filled with precise, thought out, well-researched paragraphs loaded with structured sentences and incredible vocabulary. That, of course, was not impressive or even vaguely interesting to me. What really caught my attention was how on earth my sister had spent hours making such a tedious project. A 7th grader had the chance to do a project on anyone who inspired her, and she picked a French-Polish physicist and chemist. So as she watched me while I redid my project to resemble hers, annoyed but used to it, I just had to ask:

"Akka, you could have written whatever you wanted on here, why did you choose Madame Curie, and why did you make her sound so boring?'

She gave me three reasons.

The first being that everyone's story gets to be told. Just because Marie Curie wasn't a rockstar or an author doesn't imply her story was any less deserving to be heard. The second thing was that just because I didn't think her role model was interesting doesn't mean that everyone thought that.

The last thing she told me was that you shouldn't change stories and facts to appeal to an audience. When you tell a story or even write one, you aren't supposed to deceive your reader; you are supposed to lay out the truth and believe in your writing to speak for you.

These three pillars of truth combined with my belief that if the world were a perfect utopia, humans would be devoid of the things that make us intelligent creatures, is what built my vision for The Echo.

In my opinion, art, imagination, innovation, though cynical, are born out of the need to be heard, the desperation to make a change and the willingness to leave a mark. And these three things are what make The Echo a place to write articles to inspire. A place where you can make the headlines. A place where you are heard.

Through the words and pictures of this paper, you will find some of the most exceptional talents that the CBSE section of CHIREC International School has to offer. My Core Team, Staff and I aim to bring to you the stories of these hallowed halls, the hidden treasures of the student body of this school and the stories that matter to the student community. These articles will change the way you look at journalism, photography, graphic design and more.

From the day I brought this initiative to the school I've been met with nothing but endless support, so I'd like to thank the school administration, especially Ruchira Ma'am, Susan Ma'am, and Katyayini Ma'am who have been understanding and have helped me every step of the way.

I would also like to thank the Head Girl and Head Boy of the CBSE section, Shreya Goparaju and Parth Agarwal, for their eagerness and support that drives me to work harder each day. To my Core Team, I'd like to say thank you for working sleepless nights, staying back every Friday and dealing with my endless critiquing and demands.

To my staff, the work that I have seen you put in from day one has surprised me and has, in fact, motivated me to do better as well. Your fresh perspectives, endless hard work, and the many accomplishments and challenges that await us fuel what is the very essence of this newspaper. You are appreciated, and I hope you go beyond the goals you have set for yourself and contribute nothing but the best of your abilities.

To my friends, who have never failed to believe in me and have been nothing but proud of me, you are all more than just my friends, you are what makes me capable of doing something incredible like this.

I'd like to thank my family. To my sister, thank you for making me the person I am today, without you, I wouldn't have known the joy of writing, or what it means to be a truthful and determined person. You and I will always be more than what meets the eye. To my parents, who have been nothing less than proud of me and celebrate me every step of the way. The first thing my mother said to me when I told her that The Echo was approved was, "See, you can do anything," and those are the words that make me work tirelessly for this paper. To my Father, this is the first step I’ve taken towards becoming just like you. Thank you for always inspiring me.

Lastly, to my readers, The Echo has arrived. As you read and explore every inch of its carefully crafted beauty, I hope you not only feel proud and represented but also learn the power of what our voices and minds can do. We are our own greatest assets, and I hope you see an outlet for yourself, here at The Echo.

On behalf of everyone at The Echo, we are incredibly excited that you are here and reading this. We have long awaited this moment, and we hope you find everything that you were looking for and more. What you are reading are not just words, and what you are seeing are not just pictures, they are endless hours and thoughts of creativity and innovation that have been refined for your eyes, minds and hearts.

Here, you will find the work of those who aim for nothing less than perfection. Here, you will see yourselves in every line and every picture. Here, you will find that integrity knows no excuse.

Yours sincerely,
Editor-in-Chief, The Echo,
Yaksha Gummadapu.

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