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 Behind The Scenes: BasketBall Clusters 

Sriya Chaparala

Playing basketball requires teamwork, determination, passion, and

confidence. These are the qualities that the CHIREC Basketball

teams are channeling into their practice as they prepare for the

upcoming clusters in Tuni, Visakhapatnam. Anyone who has seen

these teams play can see that they are passionate about the

intricate game and strive to perform as well as they possibly can.


"Our team strength is that we never give up and we work well under

pressure," said Shreenidhi Ramaswamy, the eleventh grader, who

is the captain of the under-17 girl's basketball team. When asked

about the team's preparation for the upcoming clusters, she said

that the team is practicing in the mornings and the evenings and

that she believes they have a good chance of winning. Regarding

what she expects from the team members, she said that she hopes that the players give their best and work well together as a team. When asked about how the team is training for the clusters, Arjun Gandra, a player in the under-17 boy's basketball team, said that the players are practicing regularly and working hard. He said that he expects the team to win and the players to give it their best shot. When questioned about the team's strength, he said that the team members have good coordination and work as a flawless unit.


Credits: Aarya Gutta


Credits: Shreyani Kadiyala

When asked about the ongoing practice for the clusters, Lalith Sir, the school basketball coach, said that even though the students are busy with exams, the practice is going on as per the schedule and is exceeding his expectations. When asked about what he expects from the team, he said that winning or losing isn't important and that everyone should get a chance to play and improve their skills and techniques. Regarding the improvement in the players' performances from last year to this year, Lalith Sir said that the teams are taking part in more tournaments this year and that they are striving to reach their full potential through constant practice.


The teams of CHIREC needn’t worry when it comes to support; they’ve got the entire school rooting for them. The amount of hard work and practice the players have put in is bound to pay off. These athletes are focused, confident, ready to play and make us proud.

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