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Sanjana Rayan

There is very little Shreya Goparaju can’t do! She is the Head Girl for the CBSE section of CHIREC, she is a singer, a fashionista, a basketball player and the person you go to when you want to hear a terrible joke. Her carefree and friendly attitude never fails to bring a smile to your face and has repeatedly proven that if you put your mind to something, there is very little you cannot do. Read on to find out what Shreya has to say about her role as Head Girl, her singing career and more!


Q. What are your main ambitions as the head girl of the school? 


Shreya: I aim for making Chirec a better place for education!


Q. How are you able to manage the school and the student council?


         Shreya: We mostly work during after school hours. In case we need to work during school hours and we stay back to keep up with our classes.


Q. How are you able to manage school and also pursue a singing career? How is the school supporting you?


       Shreya: As my singing career is outside school, it doesn't clash with schooling. The school is supporting me by providing me many opportunities.


Q. Have you always been interested in singing? How long have you been singing?


       Shreya: Yes, I have always been interested in singing. I was brought up in a family where everyone was singers. My family has provided me with the perfect exposure for the skill.


Q. Do you see a future in singing? What are your future aspirations?


Shreya: I consider singing as a hobby. I want to pursue the field of fashion in the future.


Q. How did you feel when you found out about your SIIMA nomination?


Shreya: When I found out about my nomination, I was shocked that I was going against many talented and famous singers. 


Q. What is some advice you'd give aspiring singers? 


Shreya: My advice for aspiring singers is that it requires a lot of commitment, dedication, and passion to pursue it. It also involves a lot of risks. I also believe that singing being a hobby isn't a bad start for your future.

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