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Esha Santosh

Over the years, while we may have acted irresponsibly and wreaked havoc on our home planet, contrary to popular belief, deforestation isn’t all we’ve achieved.

While the human race has been rapidly exhausting currently accessible natural resources, these have been used to fuel development across various spheres. With advances in healthcare, the average life expectancy has doubled in the last century alone; over two billion people have been lifted out of poverty in the last decade. Rapid scientific progress has even allowed us to explore the workings of the universe and even opened up the possibilities of extraterrestrial life and eventually human inhabitation.  

While the current rate of utilisation of resources may not be optimal, it has allowed our race to make developmental progress at an unforeseen rate and offered our population living standards like never before. We may have made mistakes along the way, but all is not lost. Through the strategic implementation of our resources, the earth can still heal itself and allow us to continue to thrive.

“Earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot stay in the cradle forever.” 

As time progresses, the human instinct within us looks further, deeper and beyond the confines of the present. Where lie the boundaries of the present, there begins the realm characterised by creativity, hope, and pure human ingenuity that have fuelled the progress of mankind through the ages, allowing us to achieve the hitherto impossible. The human urge to know, to witness and then believe drove us to explore the previously unknown, if only at a price; and thus we continue to thrive. For who knows? There may even be a planet B. 

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