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Volleyball Clusters

Sriprada Kattamuri

“For me, volleyball isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life”

–Aaryaman Talluru, member of CHIREC’s Under 16 boys Volleyball


This year, the team has trained harder and better to be victorious.

For a team to come out on top, the members need a captain who

can influence and lead them in a positive way. The coach and the

rest of the team agree that Aaryaman is a perfect fit for this role,

as seen by his dedication to the sport. He believes that participating,

having the right attitude and perseverance is more important than

the outcome of a match. He said that he considers the rest of his

team as his family, which indicates that he enjoys spending time

with them.

Apart from a motivating, understanding and driven captain, a team also requires players with equal passion. The team consists of 13 players, all with the same interest and love for the sport. They are always optimistic and have a never-say-never attitude. Although the team agrees that Clusters isn’t an easy tournament, they are excited about the experience they are yet to face. 4 players, namely Aaryaman Talluru, Sohan Sumit Shankar, Anshuman Reddy Kondapalli and Aprateem Bhattacharya have also been chosen for the Rangareddy District team. 

Any teacher would appreciate a team that has an inquisitive nature. This year, Shiva Sir is thrilled to coach a team with such enthusiasm to learn.


Credits: Tanisha Marda

The players' zeal and desire to play resulted in Sir being confident that they will reach the finals this year. He wants the team to have a good time and always have fun during practice. He encourages and supports the students, and is goal-oriented.

Irrespective of the result of the game, the players are ready to face the other team with high spirits. They want to go for the experience with an intention to learn more, rather than focusing on rewards. There are a lot of values we as students can pick up from this team, such as being hardworking and dedicated to our work, and eventually, it will pay off. 

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