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Summer Fever

Mysha Ali

When the very first rays of sun fall,

Merging into ribbons of red, gold and yellow,

They pass by, over the gentle water,

Slowly but surely, guiding the wave’s halo.

The children all break out in a dance,


Their faces shine of joy and glee,

The sun will set over the horizon after the day goes by,

Along with our spent time, merging with the sea.

As you see the sun go, soon out of sight,

The darkness overtakes and nightfall veils the sky,

 At this moment  you come to realize,

 Good things happen, no matter what they imply.

The assent of the moon shows us a new light,

Dissolving all that was faulty, giving us a new start,

It set us free of all hardships in life,

There goes the summer fever giving us a change of heart.

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